Oboe & Oboe D'amore Cane and Reeds
Oboe Reeds
Cane: Alliaud 10.5 - 11mm tube (or Silvacane or Rigotti to order)
Gouge: 0.60mm
Staple: Pisoni, brass, 47mm (46, 45mm to order)
Shape: H #71, tip width, 7mm
Blade length: 25mm
Total length: 72mm

Oboe D'amore Reeds
Cane: Bonazza gouged and shaped
Staples: Pisoni, brass
Blade length: 27mm

Oboe Canes
Cane: Alliaud, Silvacane, Rigotti

Gouge: 0.60mm # 0.02mm
Reeds-n-stuff gouger
Shape: H #71, tip width 7mm KG Profiler

All oboe, d'amore and cor reeds are profiled on a KG machine, and hand finished.