Baroque Oboe & Oboe D'amore Cane and Reeds
Baroque Oboe and D'amore Reeds
Cane: Alliaud 16mm tube
Gouge: 0.60mm Reedsnstuff Gouger
Shape: Hortnagel #160
Staples: - standard pattern on Pisoni corked cor anglais staple
- single seamless staple, brass
Lengths, 50 - 59 mm to order $10ea
Orders on long staples have $10 for the staple in the reed price

Blade length: Oboe: 27mm
Oboe d'amore: 27mm (made only on Cor Anglais staples)

The Baroque Oboe and Oboe d'amore pictured were made by Don Cartwright in Hobart, who studied recorder making with Fred Morgan in Victoria.
Alan is agent for his instruments made from Tasmanian native timbers;
Oboe and Oboe d'amore: from $2100
Recorders from $1200
Baroque Flute from $2100