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Hi, my name is Alan Greenlees. For many years I have been involved with various sorts of oboes and bassoons - I guess it all stems from the time I decided to learn an instrument. I approached the school music teacher saying I wanted to learn the Oboe, a name which sounded very interesting and exotic, and was singularly disappointed when he came up with a scrawny little black thing instead of the big red bassoon I had admired from afar.

However I did like the little one, it had such an interesting sound so I pressed on and became an oboeist with the help of Noel Post, Jiri Tancibudek and Kathryn Martin. I went on to play second Oboe and Cor Anglais in the Elizabethan Trust Sydney Orchestra from 1969 -75 followed by 26 wonderful years as 2nd Oboe/Cor Anglais in the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra from 1975 - 2001.

Since retiring from there I have been able to resume my love of double reeds in general, doing things with my Buffet bassoon and various modern oboes in amateur circles around Hobart. My real challenge came when I joined a Baroque group, Musica Dolce, and we moved from modern instruments at A440 to A415 and Baroque oboe, oboe d'amore and bassoon. This has been fascinating as one really feels one is coming to grips with an instrument rather than a set of keys. This has provided me with a stimulus to produce reeds for all of these instruments, another valuable challenge.
Your satisfaction is my top priority. My aim has always been to provide good quality reeds, I stand by my products, and should there be a problem, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will make every effort to respond to all customer service inquiries within two working days.