Alan Greenlees Oboe Reeds

At ye Sign of ye Cross'd Hoboy

Welcome in 2019

Hello double-reeders. In 2019 ADRS is holding its main National Competitions in Brisbane in the weekend of the 26th to 28th of July. See you there!

Re-Caning Staples.
Green by name and nature I am keen to see staples re-used rather than simply discarded. Send 5 staples to me and I will re-clothe them for just $95 + postage. 10 for $180 + postage.

Baroque oboe Reeds
The instruments people use are so diverse it is really necessary to specify what sort of reed you need. As my staple maker is no longer with us I can no longer offer single staple Baroque Reeds and will be removing this option from my website. Any queries, do email me.

Cane Selection
My normal Oboe Reeds are now made with Donati cane which has a firm, clear sound (Alliaud will no longer be available), but I have also been using Silvacane which as the name implies has an attractive silvery quality (Rigotti cane has a sound which lies between). If you would like a particular cane variety please specify in the order email. All cane is density tested.