Alan Greenlees Oboe Reeds

At ye Sign of ye Cross'd Hoboy

Welcome in 2018

Hello double-reeders. In 2018 ADRS are holding their main Competitions in Melbourne in the first week of October. See you there! I shall be away in NZ from 6/3 to 16/3, and in Malaysia from 9th July to 20th July.

Re-Caning Staples.
Green by name and nature I am keen to see staples re-used rather than simply discarded. Send 5 staples to me and I will re-clothe them for just $95 + postage. 10 for $180 + postage.

Baroque oboe Reeds
The instruments people use are so diverse it is really necessary to specify what sort of reed you need. If you need a single staple reed I need to know the length of staple or reed required. Email me.

Cane Selection
My normal Oboe Reeds are now made with Donati cane which has a firm, clear sound (Alliaud will no longer be available), but I have also been using Silvacane which as the name implies has an attractive silvery quality (Rigotti cane has a sound which lies between). If you would like a particular cane variety please specify in the order email. All cane is density tested.